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On this weeks all new episode we do a deep dive into the debut of THE ROCK along with Marc Mero who was in the ring for this historic match!

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Tom & Jeff talk all things Hardcore Title, relive many of the classic moments and matches from the title and then watch the great Wrestlemania X-Seven match along with Raven!

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Join Tom and Jeff for an all new episode of THE PAYOFF... this week is a deep dive into the legendary Hart Foundation faction, including Bret's feud with The Patriot and everything happening in the wrestling business shortly before The Montreal Screwjob... as always, hit SUBSCRIBE, give us 5 stars and make sure to follow us on Twitter!

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On this weeks all new episode of THE PAYOFF, hear the whole story of how The New Age Outlaws were formed! We do a deep dive into what Rockabilly and Jesse James were up to, how they became a tag team and what transpired following this unlikely duo forming... all while watching the match and angle along with "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn! Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE and check out all of our great past episodes!

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