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Join Tom and Jeff for an all new episode of THE PAYOFF as we do a deep dive into the career of Chris Masters (proprietor of the Master Lock) and then watch his favorite match with him, which is a great one against the one and only Heartbreak Kid! As we do each week, we'll cover what was going on in the business, what led to this match and lots of other fun facts... if you like what you are hearing, make sure to follow us on Twitter and share with your friends!

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On this weeks all new episode of THE PAYOFF, hear the whole story of how The New Age Outlaws were formed! We do a deep dive into what Rockabilly and Jesse James were up to, how they became a tag team and what transpired following this unlikely duo forming... all while watching the match and angle along with "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn! Make sure to hit SUBSCRIBE and check out all of our great past episodes!

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It's the 13th anniversary of The Miz debuting on Smackdown! Check out this historic debut along with his opponent, the legendary Tatanka who proves some great insight into what he thought about The Miz, their conversation before the match and much more... plus as always, Tom & Jeff break down everything that led up to this match and all of the fall out related to both The Miz and Tatanka!

If you'd like to watch this match along with Tatanka, check out the September 1st, 2006 edition of Smackdown - the start of our watchalong with Tatanka is at exactly 23 minutes on the WWE Network, just before the entrances begin!

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